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I started this project thinking it would be relatively easy to add color to the earlier edition of The Windows Of Christ Church. Van Brunt, I assumed, chose to focus on the religious aspects of the windows. Surely it wouldn’t be hard to add some personal color. I assumed that anyone who could afford to donate a window would be prominent and public, and in some cases they were. But not a majority by any means. I am indebted to the staffs of the Greenwich Historical Society and Greenwich Library for their help. Notable, too, were the contributions of my long time friend and editor Paul Zahl, who not only read every word but also corrected my knowledge things religious. Of course, this effort wouldn’t have been possible without my Co-author, Lynne Smith, whose colorful tours provide meaning and accessibility. Lynne is also the source of my determination to see this project through to completion. As for errors and omissions, they are solely mine.

Lawrence Sterne, Greenwich Ct, April 2020

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